A Fanfic

This is different, I wrote a story! Actually I wrote it a long time ago and never posted it, since I have never considered myself a writer. But I found it the other day and thought, what the heck. It’s about Dean’s reflections on Sam in a seedy bar, in a nameless town, like a hundred others they have been in. Probably fits more around the early years of their hunting together, before all the heavy stuff happened.\

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For an all-fandom gift exchange

I did a sketch to fulfill a wish at insmallpackages. The request was for “Art, graphics and/or icons – SPN, Sam/Dean – BROTHERLY LOVE! be that in the form of manhandling, hair/head-touching, hugging, whatever (I love muted colors and crisp, not-too-busy graphics).”

I loved the idea of doing something that illustrated brotherly love between Sam and Dean. I wanted to be quick so it stayed at the sketch stage.