Background Work





Bait Sam

I started this portrait of Sam.


After transferring the drawing to my toned Colourfix paper I started applying color. I started with his face, trying to put back in some of the detail that the drawing lost in the transfer. This is what it looked like then.


Here is a a close up of his face. Hmmm… maybe shouldn’t look  too close, you can really see the grain of the paper.


I think I should have started on a larger scale. The full size of the paper is  13 X 19, which means that the area of his face is just a little bigger than a square inch. That makes it hard to get a likeness.

Starting to Journal, a WIP

I thought this would be a good place to share the evolution of a drawing. As usual what brings me back to art is interest in a new television program. I resisted for a  long time, but I finally got hooked by Supernatural. Right away my mind started to imagine different scenarios, really just any reason to start drawing Sam and Dean.

Apart from  the major incentive of drawing the Winchester boys, I also wanted to get some more experience using Colourfix paper. It is the greatest thing I’ve found so far for working with colored pencils.


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