Long Time Gone

Yikes! It’s been a while since I posted. A lot has happened. I took a long leave of absence from work, of which I have one week left to enjoy. I’ll be rejoining the rat race next Monday. It wasn’t really a planned thing, the satellite factory had a slump and I had the the ways and means to enjoy an unexpected vacation.

What have I done with this unexpected gift?  I submerged myself in my new obsession, Supernatural and started creating artwork.  The Bait Sam piece has languished because I sort of lost interest in it.  It still needs work, but I am vaguely dissatisfied with it. I’m not sure if I will dedicate the time to fix it’s flaws. I think maybe it has served it’s purpose, which was to get my feet wet experimenting with the colourfix paper and to make a start with the Supernatural artwork.


This paper is great, it is practically indestructible. I was able to add layer after layer of colored pencil color and get some interesting blending effects. You can lift color  off pretty well too, with an eraser or a solvent like turpenol. Of course if you use turpenol, it’s hard to control the area you’re trying to cleanup.

What I discovered using turpenol was that I could lay down color and then load a brush with the stuff and blend the color as if they were paint. That is how I created the dark blue background areas, and some of the forefront road colors.

The turpenol is hard to control, but it definitely gave a whole different feel to the color. I had been struggling to get a soft misty feel to the sky behind Sam, but just could not get it right with only the dry colored pencils. Part of the problem with this picture was that I didn’t plan the background enough to do a good job.

Who knows, maybe I will come back later to this and try to salvage it, for now it will sit on my easel where I can look at it once in a while and think on it.


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