Sam in the Moonlight

In the progress picture below I had just about done all the background work and started in on his shirt.


One of the things I noticed right away when the background was in, is that by contrast, Sam’s face looked too pale. I decided to leave it that way until I got the clothes colored in. They are also dark colored, so when they are done, I would be able to judge more accurately how much I needed to warm up his face.

After another very industrious day I finally finished this piece off.


For the clothing I made liberal use of a stiff, short bristled stenciling brush to blend the colors, making sure to follow my guidelines and to work the color in more deeply into the shadowed areas. I worked a lot more on the right side hair, making the darks darker and adding more highlights. I also added somewhat of a light halo effect all around his head and body, which might be explained by the moonlight shining from behind, but it’s mainly just artistic license 😉

Doing this was great fun and I’m looking forward to working with this medium and surface again, not to mention Sam Winchester!


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