Dean Portrait Update

I’ve done a little more work on this portrait and since I am trying to document the progress a little better, here is an update picture.



I laid a wash of light peach and deco pink on the rest of his face and neck to balance the yellow in the paper. I’ve done most of the new work on his forehead. I had laid down too much pink and white in this area before I realized that I probably shouldn’t try to match the reference image colors too closely. The effect on this paper was that he was starting to look too pale. I erased off a whole layer of color and warmed up the area again with the light peach color.

I also started in a little with his hair. This is going to be a big job, since his hair is so short and spiky, lots of dark and light colors together in short lengths. No long smooth, easy to color swatches of hair, like Sam. 🙂

I am discovering again that I will probably have to lay in the hair and jacket color before I can tell how pale or dark I can go with his skin color. So I will probably fill in some color on his lips and jawline, but then leave it until I can get most of the colors surrounding his face blocked in. I may even have to work on the background before coming back to his face to get the right color.


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