Dean Continued

I’ve done a little bit more. Having to return to work last week has seriously impacted my ability to indulge in my real interests, like reading Sam and Dean fanfiction, rewatching my Supernatural DVD’s and working on my Winchester art.

On a more positive note, my husband solved the mystery of why I was having such a hard time getting true color photos of my Dean pic. The white balance setting was off on my camera. I should have figured that out myself and not allowed everyone to think that Dean was really looking that bilious. As long as I’m being truthful here I might as well confess that he also convinced me not to be so lazy and to set up the camera on the tripod properly instead of using my not so steady hands to take the pictures. As a result of all this, today’s  progress pic is much more true to the real color and much sharper.

I worked on his hair some more, trying to define the pencils that will give me the correct colors here. So far what I’ve used are ivory oxide and ginger root for the highlights, sandbar brown and brown ochre for the midtones and raw umber, sepia and expresso for the darks.

I won’t work on his face anymore until I can build up the color around it. I blocked in some of the shadow under his chin and began experimenting with the blues of his shirt and jacket. I’m using the stencil brush here to move the color. I also barely began to put some of the tree color in behind his head. I realized that I really shouldn’t define the edges of his hair until the background was in because the wispy light colors of his hair should be the last layer of color here, overlapping the darker background.

The shadow under his chin and the blues of his clothes will be very dark when I’m done, or at least that’s my goal. I think the background will look best left fuzzy and unfocused, more so than the reference photo. At least that is the plan now, it might change as I progress further.

Here’s a closer look at his hair.


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