4th of July Update II

These last update posts got clumped together because my laptop was infected with a nasty virus a few days ago. It took my poor hubby days to eradicate the sucker. Actually he had to reload the operating system! Fortunately I didn’t lose any of my files.  But anyway, my last update post is really my status from a few days ago and this one is where I’m at right now. I have another day of my 4th of July holiday left, so hopefully I’ll be able to move it along some more before real life claims me again.


Okay, this is a more substantial update. I worked quite a bit on his neck.  I put some contouring shadows and highlights in and some more color. In fact, his neck now looks more peachy pink than his cheeks, but that will change when I start working on his face again.

I’m pleased how the blues of his shirt have deepened. That bristle brush stroking of the colored pencil really makes a difference. I tried to differentiate the colors of his jacket and shirt here more too. I’m trying to make the jacket more of a grey color now.

For his T-shirt I deviated a little from the reference photo, leaving out some of the deep wrinkles  for a smoother look.

On his hair I added dark and midtone color all over  to define this area a little more. I experimented a bit on the left background to see how a fuzzy color would look against the more crisp line of his jacket. I think this will work out okay


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