Working on Dean’s Face

Here I am finally back with an update. Being on third shift at work is kicking my butt. I hate working nights, but things are slow at the satellite factory and I knew better than to refuse this assignment. I could have been one of the casualties in the recent layoffs.  For all it’s sophisticated technology, testing a satellite can be boring, so I do find I have long stretches of time to plan and think about my favorite things, like what’s next on my current art project.

I’ve been thinking about Dean’s face and when I get a chance, I do a little work on it.  And I do mean little, if I’m not at work, I’m sleeping or trying to wake up enough to do something useful.  But anyway, now that I have whined enough, here are the progress pics.


At this stage I have put a few layers of skin tone colors in the his cheek areas. I have layered different shades of peach, pink, and white in the lighter areas and have started defining the shadows on his chin a lot more. I have started blocking out the subtle transitions between highlight and shadow on his cheekbone, the creases around and under his mouth. At this point I have mostly concentrated on the right side of his face, which makes the yellow undertones in other areas, especially in his forehead,  stand out more in contrast.


Here it is another couple of  hours of work later. The color is looking much more polished now because of all the layers applied and the highlights sitting on top. There is much more coverage of the paper, though his forehead still needs work. I’ve softened the color on his lips and smoothed the colors on his chin for a more rounded look. In a way, I’m still experimenting, adding shadows, then softening them it they look out of place and then maybe darkening again. The underlying colors are not totally obscured, they seem to all blend together and seem more lustrous, even as they lighten or darken.


It’s harder to tell what has changed here, mostly his skin is looking even more polished. I’ve sharpened his eyes, eyelashes and his left brow, fooled around with the highlights in his eyes. I think one of the most important changes from the last pic is that you can see how I changed the contour between light and shadow on the left side cheekbone. In the previous picture the shadow was a bit too high and moved in toward his nose too much. It gave him kind of a apple cheek look. His cheekbone is actually kind of broad and the highlight  spans from under his eye almost to the side of his face and down a bit. It still isn’t perfect.

I have to decide how much darker I’m going to take his five o’clock shadow. I have barely hinted at it here. The problem is that I’m not sure exactly how to put in a whiskery chin. It’s a great temptation to leave his face looking this flawless, but it wouldn’t really be him.  I’m torn.

I still have to work on his forehead. I haven’t added half as many layers there yet and you can tell. I also have to darken and define his right brow some more. Unfortunately in the reference picture he has a big bruise situated right on this brow and it makes it difficult for me to distinguish what is a normal shadow and what is bruise. I will have to go and look another good resolution picture of him to help me define how this brow should look.

So now, I have some to go back and stare at his face some more, what a chore ;-0


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