Mostly Background Work

Crawling along here with some work on the background. In this first picture I’ve barely started to lay some color on the far left background area. It’s mostly white, light greys and blues. Also here you can see where I removed some of the dark color just to the right of Dean’s face. I decided that the color here was too dark and distracting. Eventually I will cover all this area with lighter, fuzzy color too.


I’ve also done a little work on the jacket zipper on the right side. It will be a challenge to see if I can get it to look like bits of glinting metal.  It needs work, but it’s a good enough start.


The next series of pictures captures different stages of background work on the left side. I am laying layers of colors here, until the paper is totally obscured. I also did just a little work on the left side of his jacket.




There is still some work to do on this background. I am thinking of adding a little more blue toward the top, but it’s almost done. Next I will concentrate on finishing the left side of his jacket.

I am finishing the areas on the left side from top to bottom, to avoid having to work with my right arm over finished areas of the paper. Colored pencil doesn’t smear too badly, but it can happen. At this point I can still rest my elbow on the right side of the paper so that my forearm clears the middle area while applying color to the left side.

Of course I can also turn the whole piece upside down or work sideways to avoid the finished areas, but I always find myself unconsciously coming back to the normal orientation, with my arm laying across some of the dark colors. I also have tried to placed a clean sheet of paper between my arm and the paper, but for the most part it usually ends up forgotten somewhere. Fortunately I haven’t messed anything up yet.

Here is a close up look at his jacket. I’m trying to keep the edge looking crisp and dark against the background.


This has been my progress over the last few weeks. I’m moving slowly, but I’ll get there.


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