Sam or Samantha?

I’m still here, just really busy at work. I haven’t forsaken Dean’s portrait, just working on it at a snail’s pace. I think part of the reason I’ve been so slow is that I’m slogging through the background work and it’s pretty boring. I keep getting side tracked when I have time. Instead of grabbing my colored pencils, I find myself sketching Winchesters from the television or promo pics. Or playing with my wacom tablet and trying to learn how to paint in a digital medium. It is addicting.

I have to admit that one of these side projects has been getting most of my free time lately. I was trolling [info]spnroundtable the other day and came across one of the many and varied theme recs that they post now and again. Not all of the themes are my cup of tea, but I can usually find a link or two to some great stories that are just my speed. In the midst of one of the  roundup posts, the genderswap theme caught my eye. To tell the truth, genderswap stories are not my favorite, since for the  most part they are wincesty and I still shy away from the whole wincest thing. But I was looking through the recs anyway, 😀 ,which were for art as well as fanfiction. The renditions of Sam as a girl just kind of rooted their way into some deep part of my brain and I couldn’t shake the idea of trying to draw Sam as a girl myself. I know, I am strange.
Mostly I wondered if it was possible to draw a Sam that was for all intents and purposes a girl, but still be recognizable as Sam.  I started off with a sketch of our very masculine and handsome Sam and then started playing with the proportions of his features and the shape of his face. Sometime later, after a lot of erasing and redrawing and then painting ( All this done very conveniently with my wacom tablet.), I realized that maybe I had a recognizable Samantha after all. Here is what I have so far.


It’s not done by any means, in fact this is just a portion of the whole image. I am really happy with some of my progress on it . I finally got something semi realistic looking out of my digital pen and tablet. I’ve been reading digital painting books and looking for painting tutorials on the web. I  still have tons to learn but at least I finally got my feet wet. I spent about a week just trying to figure out how to do his, …I mean her hair. Not great yet, but not bad.

This picture is going to go through a lot of changes yet. It’s my learning piece. But now to the most important question of all. Does it look like a female Sam to anyone else but me?


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