Face Tweaking

I’ve been fine tuning Dean’s face and I think I’m finally satisfied. I’m putting this side-by-side comparison up to show the changes I’ve  made. They are all pretty subtle, but I think they all add up to a better likeness. Left is before, right is after tweaking.


Click here for a better look.
Starting from the top, I made his hair a little bigger. I added more volume all around. I think it balances his face a little better now.I worked on his eyebrows a bunch. I shifted the right side one up a little and filled it out more. The left side eyebrow got a makeover too. I added more texture and added a hint of more angling on the top. In general I refined the frowny lines more along his brow too.On his eyes themselves, I made his top lids a little wider. I lifted the line of the eyelid fold up just a bit, but I think it really helped to make his expression into a more thoughtful frown instead of a hard stare. (Of course that could just be me hallucinating after obsessing on this so much.)

Maybe the most noticeable change was to revert to more realistic highlights in his eyes.  I also made the pupil size smaller, again more realistic looking. I think I got carried away with the big black pupils and shiny eyeballs. He was beginning to look a little anime or beady eyed. I guess less really is more sometimes.

I changed his hairline. I made the left sideburn a little wider and brought the hair line around his temples further down and in on both sides. I made the straggly hair ends straight above the left side eye go away, which I think gives his hairline a better flow. (God, I love this paper! It lets me REDO things.)

The other most noticeable change I think is, moving the left side of his mouth down and out a fraction. I moved the whole middle line of his mouth down too to make the top lip slightly wider and then widened and redefined his bottom lip too. I think I finally got the right look. Before it always seemed to me that his lips had a pouty look, now they seem more relaxed.

On his chin, I brought the shadow under his mouth down and broadened it out both ways. I also shaved a few millimeters of width from the bottom and right side of the chin and brought the bottom shadow up a bit. I think now the chin looks more in proportion, more Deanlike, less Jay Leno-ish. Or who knows, maybe now he looks more like Jay Leno. I don’t know anymore.

Actually, I do know one thing. I’m done with his face!!!!



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