Some Sunday Pics

Here a few photos from Sunday at the LA Supernatural Con. Since we weren’t allowed to leave our seats during the panels, these zoom shots were the best I could do.

In this first picture, Jensen is having a laugh attack over a question for Jared. Someone asked if Jared had ever had pickles stuffed with fried rice and if he liked it. Jensen laughed so long and hard that tears came to his eyes.



Something else that amused Jensen to no end was looking at a copy of that picture roaming the internet of a shirtless Jared kissing a stuffed pheasant. I think he added a few years to his life that night with all the laughing.


The last picture is just after their joint panel came to an end and they are headed to the side banners to autograph them.




It’s Over!

I spent the day decompressing today. I felt pretty wrung out. Maybe because the two full days at the LA Supernatural Con offered some pretty intense highs, lots of entertainment punctuated by long waits and standing in long lines. By Sunday evening we were feeling pretty wilted., but we hung in there until the photo op pictures were processed and set out for us to pick up at about 10:00 pm on Sunday night. I certainly wasn’t leaving until I had this picture in my hot little hands 🙂


I finally have my Jared and Jensen picture, I’ve joined the Supernatural Photo Op club. I see these beautiful photos all around on personal fan sites, as icons, as Xmas cards, and now I have mine! I love it!

Yes, I left prints of my Dean and Sam artwork for them. We were not allowed to hand them over personally. At the autograph session, I had them sign prints for me. In the brief interaction at the autograph tables, Jensen signed his print and said “Very cool”, Jared looked his over and called over his bodyguard(?) and showed him the print. He asked if I had drawn it and I said yes. He said “You are very talented”. I smiled and said thank you to both of them, I did not fall over dead, I did not lose my ability to speak, I actually accomplished what I wanted to do. I am very happy.

Preparing for the LA Con

I’m getting everything in order to get myself to the LA Supernatural Con this Friday. I don’t want go crazy at the last moment of rushing out the door and forget something important. So I made a checklist:  camara, pictures for autographs, prints, tickets (don’t forget the TICKETS!!), art portfolio… maybe, photo op ticket, fill the gas tank before Friday, silver markers, notebook, yadda, yadda…

Speaking of prints, I did the proofs on the art paper and got great results, finally! I have been trying to do something like this for years. It all finally came together, right camera, monitor, printer, paper and a better understanding of icc profiles 🙂

Here is a look at my bulletin board when I was doing the proofs.


I’m excited!

Some Sam Progress

I did a little more work on this piece, which I have decided to call Shadowed. I’m thinking of taking some of  the background and foreground really dark. I think I want to reflect on the outside some of what Sam might be feeling on the inside, dark and moody. It’s definitely a 4th season portrait of Sam.


I tried to define the light source some more, as if it were a single shaft of light hitting his face and left shoulder obliquely and then reflecting a bit off of his other shoulder.  I defined the shadows in his hair a bit more too. Not really a whole lot more progress but another  small step in the process. I’m trying to remember to take pictures more often.

I had fun this last weekend taking high resolution pictures of the Dean portrait so I could try the proofing for prints. It went well. Our newest camera is the Canon 5D Mark II. If 21 megapixels isn’t enough for a good print, I don’t what is. I played around with my monitor and printer profiles so I could do some soft proofing from within Photoshop. I did a few printed proofs and I’m thrilled to see that it is the best results I’ve ever had  for reproducing good detail and color. Now all I have to do is get the right paper. I ordered a pack of 13″ x 19″ Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper for the next phase of proofing.

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