Some Sam Progress

I did a little more work on this piece, which I have decided to call Shadowed. I’m thinking of taking some of  the background and foreground really dark. I think I want to reflect on the outside some of what Sam might be feeling on the inside, dark and moody. It’s definitely a 4th season portrait of Sam.


I tried to define the light source some more, as if it were a single shaft of light hitting his face and left shoulder obliquely and then reflecting a bit off of his other shoulder.  I defined the shadows in his hair a bit more too. Not really a whole lot more progress but another  small step in the process. I’m trying to remember to take pictures more often.

I had fun this last weekend taking high resolution pictures of the Dean portrait so I could try the proofing for prints. It went well. Our newest camera is the Canon 5D Mark II. If 21 megapixels isn’t enough for a good print, I don’t what is. I played around with my monitor and printer profiles so I could do some soft proofing from within Photoshop. I did a few printed proofs and I’m thrilled to see that it is the best results I’ve ever had  for reproducing good detail and color. Now all I have to do is get the right paper. I ordered a pack of 13″ x 19″ Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper for the next phase of proofing.


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