It’s Over!

I spent the day decompressing today. I felt pretty wrung out. Maybe because the two full days at the LA Supernatural Con offered some pretty intense highs, lots of entertainment punctuated by long waits and standing in long lines. By Sunday evening we were feeling pretty wilted., but we hung in there until the photo op pictures were processed and set out for us to pick up at about 10:00 pm on Sunday night. I certainly wasn’t leaving until I had this picture in my hot little hands 🙂


I finally have my Jared and Jensen picture, I’ve joined the Supernatural Photo Op club. I see these beautiful photos all around on personal fan sites, as icons, as Xmas cards, and now I have mine! I love it!

Yes, I left prints of my Dean and Sam artwork for them. We were not allowed to hand them over personally. At the autograph session, I had them sign prints for me. In the brief interaction at the autograph tables, Jensen signed his print and said “Very cool”, Jared looked his over and called over his bodyguard(?) and showed him the print. He asked if I had drawn it and I said yes. He said “You are very talented”. I smiled and said thank you to both of them, I did not fall over dead, I did not lose my ability to speak, I actually accomplished what I wanted to do. I am very happy.


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