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Busy, busy, busy. With work and with some new projects! I recently ordered a new type of sanded paper called Fisher 400. I heard some good things about it and decided to try it out.

I received two 20 x 28 and two 14x 20 sheets a couple of weeks ago and  started two large new drawings, one in pastel and another in colored pencil. Having dabbled in both mediums now on this paper I have to agree that it is quite wonderful.

The pastel is a non Supernatural piece, so I will just talk about the colored pencil piece here, which is a Sam and Dean drawing which I ‘m calling “Follow Me”. I worked out this sketch over the weekend.


The Fisher 400 paper looks just like a fine gauge sandpaper, though it is manufactured solely as art paper. I had to order it from England, since the artist who created it does not have any US distributors yet. I sure hope that it becomes available more locally soon.

I discovered that this paper is translucent enough to allow me to use my light box to transfer the sketch to it. This is good news because I already had the dubious pleasure of copying a sketch on to this paper using transfer paper. It was a pain. Here I am working away at it.


It took me a few hours to finish transferring all the little lines, but I’ve learned patience. The more details you capture the easier it is later to draw later.

Here is a bad picture of the transferred drawing. I have to get a better set up next time. My daylight source was off to one side and when I tried to add light with my fluorescent drawing table lamp, it just added another color cast, which I was unable to remove.


Still it gives a good idea of how it looked. I used a couple of different colored pencil to transfer the lines, blue ones for the clouds, some grey for part of Deans shirt, white for the circle around the figures and a brownish ochre for all the rest. Mostly it was just experimenting. I also varied the pressure. I think the right side is probably a little too faint, though I finished off at a pretty good line thickness on the left.

I almost forgot to take a picture at this stage.That is why Dean’s face actually shows some shadowing which I had started to block in. Fortunately I still captured the mostly un-worked line drawing.

All the brainstorming for the composition, drawing the sketch and getting it transferred took most of my weekend. I finally got it to to the point of starting to draw this evening, and I was able to get this far.


I got a better picture this time, though it is still shadowed on the right.

I think this paper is going to hook me completely. It takes color incredibly well. I have barely gotten started but I can tell I will be able to layer lots and lots of color on it.

I’m also going to get hooked on working at this large size paper. The 20×28 inch size gives me such control over the drawing of details on the face. One thing though, this paper is going to eat my pencils by the bushel.

Here is a close up of my start.


The layering has just begun, but I couldn’t resist  working his eye more,  to catch a glimpse of what this paper might yield.

Now a little on what was in my head when I came up with this new project. I wanted to do Sam and Dean together, but show a little of the challenges they are facing in their TV lives this season. I wanted a background that would reflect some of forces that are helping and hindering them. A little of heaven on the right and some touches of hell on the left.

Looking for inspiration I looked at countryside landscapes reference images and came across a picture of a beautiful valley and it just seemed to click in my mind. And a phrase from the 23rd Psalm came to mind:

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”
I think that though Sam and Dean are scared in different ways, they still have hope and an inherent trust in each other. If they stay together maybe they will make it through the shadowed valley. Dean will say “Follow me”, determined as always to save his little brother. Sam will have his back, trusting his brother just one more time to lead them out of danger.

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