Long Time No Draw

It’s been a while, but hey, I’m back!I just picked up on this piece, lastly known as Together, though that may change again  :-)I started work with a fresh eye and I’m eager to continue. It feels like my brain continued to develop my drawing skill without the need to actually practice. Didn’t I hear that your piano skills can improve that way too?Anyway, it’s almost like I’m having more success in controlling my color application on this sanded paper now. Who knows, maybe I’m delusional, but it feels good. Here is the progress shot.


I mostly worked on Sam’s face and hair, but what I really wanted to document before things went any further were the changes to Dean’s shirt. I sketched out a whole different shirt for him to wear.I never really liked the one in the reference picture so it’s been nagging at me. Once I decided to start working on this again I decided I needed to change it. I snagged my hubby to model for me in a dark  shirt and a few photos later I had a new reference pic for the shirt. Yes!

The idea is for Sam’s shirt to be white and Dean’s to be plain black over a dark t-shirt.


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