Grimm Brothers Winchester

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I started this sketch a long time ago and finally felt like finishing it. It combines my love of The Brothers Grimm movie and the Winchesters. I could easily imagine Sam and Dean in these roles.

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Doodly Sketch

Here is a doodle that turned into a Sam and Dean sketch. I was practicing my figure drawing when one started to look like Sam and suddenly Dean popped up too 🙂

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They’re definitely a younger version of Sam and Dean, and Dean seems to be in big brother mode.

Sam and Dean in Colored Pencil

It’s funny, I’m not sure why I never posted this here. It’s from an early season still which I tweaked a bit. It’s done in colored pencil on pastelmat paper.I changed the background and moved Sam and Dean closer together.

Click on the image for a better look.

Click here to see an animated gif of the drawing process.


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