Master Art Post for SPN Reverse Big Bang 2010

This year I finally participated in a Big Bang Challenge, the SPN Reversebang
The reverse part comes from having an art prompt as the starting point, instead of a story prompt. I loved the idea of having a story inspired by whatever art idea I could come up with.The lovely Katsuyakaiba69 picked my prompt and we spent several fun weeks having a great time working together. I was very lucky to be chosen by this very talented writer. Please go and read her wonderfully thought provoking story  “Into the Land of Nod” here.
Now for the artwork! First for the banner I recycled one of the interior illustrations.
BigBangPost1Illustrating an early scene….BigBangPost2“Sam? Sam!” The curdling cold in his belly began to spread through his veins. “Where are you?”

This is the illustration that developed from my original art prompt.


Dean showed Sam the symbol that was starting to appear on his palm.



The thread-thin circle etched into Dean’s palm was now encircled by another, forming the black outline of a ring that sat small and hollow in his hand and tugged at Dean’s fraying nerves.

Finally, illustrating one of the last scenes in the story…


“You just…just go back.”

So there it is! Hope you guys have as much fun reading as I did playing in this challenge!

Reverse Bang Doodling

Here are a few sketches that were inspired by the story to be written for my prompt. None of these will actually be developed and used because I still don’t have enough specifics on the story. They’re just the result of doodling and daydreaming on my part after getting some hints of where the story might go.




Adding Color in Photoshop

I started working on the background, just putting down basic colors for the different areas, greens for the foreground and a mix of blues and pinks for the sky.

I also started to look around for some foliage brushes. I knew I was going to need all the help I could get to paint realistic looking trees and bushes. Here I had painted some color onto the tree trunk and started to brush on some leaves in the trees and bushes. It still looked pretty sad.

I set one of the leaf brushes to a small size, angled it in a way that it resembled a tree top and at a very light opacity, scattered some of these shapes along the horizon line. That part seemed to work well at least.


I continued painting in more color and playing with the foliage brushes. I tried adding a layer of leaves and then blurring them and putting more layers on top to add depth. I think it helped, but I still didn’t like that tree.

I finally decided to go looking for more brushes, this time actual tree shapes. I found some very nice tree silhouettes. Starting again with the tree, I used the tree trunk brush to establish the silhouette and the used the foliage brushes fill in the leaves. I tried to be less heavy handed with the leaves. I liked this result much better.


Reverse Bang Challenge

I joined my first Big Bang challenge, but it’s a Big Bang with a twist. It starts with a piece of artwork and then authors are invited to create a story based on this art. It was too tempting to pass up so I’m in. 🙂


I had this sketch sitting around for a while and thought it could be the basis for an art prompt.


After scanning and a little tinkering in Photoshop this is what I submitted as a prompt for the the SPN Reverse Bang.

I continued to work on the sketch while waiting for the claim date to arrive. I basically ended up redrawing the figures.
I’ve found some Photoshop brushes that simulate pencils which I love . Certainly sketching in Photoshop is a lot more forgiving than on doing it on paper. The transform tool is my friend.


Christmas Beer

I made this for a Christmas card exchange for one of my Supernatural lists. Based on what we have seen of a typical Winchester Christmas, they may or may not celebrate the day, depending on how caught up they are on a case.

But I like to think that Sam and Dean would  never allow it to go completely unacknowledged. Maybe even if it’s only stopping for a few moments on the side of a road on a cold wintry night, to wish each other good cheer with a Christmas beer.


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