My Summer Art

I recently participated in the spn_summer_art  challenge and had a great time coming up with my entry. Check out the Summer Art Challenge if you haven’t already. There were many wonderful artworks from a whole bunch of very talented SPN artists!


Early on I had seen the banners for the challenge and considered participating, but what clinched it was finding the perfect reference for a summer based theme.


The male figure already looked enough like Sam from the back, I just had to make his hair darker and longer. For Dean I flipped the image and used the reference for his body, making it a bit less muscular. Then I looked around for pictures of the back of Dean’s head to help me get a likeness for him. That was tougher, but I did find a few, mostly screen shots like this one.


Of course it was fuzzy and the top of his head was cut off, but it helped.

The only other thing I changed in the general line drawing was to tone down the lens distortion which is pretty noticeable in the reference image.

To see an animated gif of  the painting process click here


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